Flygplans Björk Plywood 2.5x225x456 mm 5-ply

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High Quality Airplane Birch Plywood!
The name Airplane Plywood means that it's veneer material is of a higher quality then normal plywood and that the veneer itself is thinner. That means more layer build-up and a more rigid plywood that is exceptional suitable for model building in general where one wants a sturdy, rigid and strong plywood. Originally the name indicates when it was first developed - as for real airplanes when they needed a better plywood for the fuselage and wing spars etc then the normal thicker veneered plywood that was available at the time, but nowadays it's mostly used in model building.

More flexible (then normal normal airplane plywood made from baltic birch veneer)
Easier to form (then normal airplane plywood made from baltic birch veneer)
Not as easy to crack/break as normal airplane plywood (made from baltic birch veneer)
Easy to sand and finishes well
Easy to glue
Color: A little more redish/light brown compared to traditional Baltic Birch wich is more pale yellow
0.5-1.5 mm thick = 3-Ply (0°/90°/0°)
2.0-3.0 mm thick = 5-Ply (0°/90°/0°/90°/0°)
4.0-5.0 mm thick = 7-Ply (0°/90°/0°/90°/0°/90°/0°)

Available in three sheet sizes:
112 x 915 mm
256 x 456 mm
915 x 915 mm (full sheet)

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