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Stigra is our first production glider, based on our extensive experience in aerobatic and slope flying. Stigra has incredible flying characteristics, thanks to oversized ailerons and full flying stab with up to + - 90 degree throws. We suggest using several flight conditions: with lower throws, it is a steady and predictable model capable even of thermal soaring in good lift conditions. With full throws, this is indeed the wildest glider you have ever seen.

The wings are easily removable and locked in place with the help of magnets. You need no tools to assemble the model. The canopy is easily removable, fixed with a plastic tab and again, magnets. There is enough space for all the necessary electronics inside the canopy.

There is one more unique thing about this model: the tow system. The model can be towed by another (powered) model, where the Air Truck was especially designed for this task (besides other things). You release the tow line by a short full deflection of the rudder and the fun may begin.

Key Features:
wingspan: 1200mm
lenght: 910mm
AUW: 400-650g
Servos: 4 st EMax ES09MA alt. ES09MD
Acc: 2s 600-1000mAh

Package Includes:
Kit including landing gear and hardware, without equipment set

Rekommenderad setup:

EMax ES09MA 14.8 g, 2.6 Kg MG4189kr
Tattu 650 mAh 2S 75-150C Lipo1135kr
HobbyWing UBEC 3 A (5 A burst)1149kr
XT30 Hane med 10 cm kabel122kr

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