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Nyhet från RC Factory! Slick Superlite Rainbow

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Serie: Indoor EPP
Material: EPP
Spännvidd: 830 mm
Längd: 888 mm
Flygvikt: ca 150 g inkl. batteri



Tillägg till manualen: (Se bild 2)

1) The carbon stringers that you have to cut for the model are not the same length as the edge V3. The stringers going from the wing struts back are as follows:
#2 (cut 2) 150mm
#3 (cut 2) 139mm
#4 (cut 2) 137mm
#5 (cut 2) 127mm
#6 (cut 2) 160mm
#7 (cut 2) 123mm#1 (cut 2) go from the landing gear crossing area to the motor mount and need to be 110mm.

2) While bracing the ailerons, there are 2 flat 3mm x 150mm pieces that lay into the aileron tips that greatly help rigidity of the finished aileron. they are not mentioned in the manual so don't forget them. You want to put them in while the aileron is weighted down, ideally before the other bracing goes into the aileron.


Rekommenderad Setup:

Dynamo 250 mAh 2S 25-50 C LiPo179kr
Tiger Motors AT2204 19.5g 1800kv1269kr
EMax ES08A 8.5 g 1.5 Kg279kr
EMax ES9051D 4.3 g, 0.09 s179kr
HobbyWing Flyfun 10 A1159kr
JST-kontakt Hona med 10 cm kabel118kr
GWS DD 8040118kr
Dynamo 360 mAh 2S 30-60 C LiPo189kr


WFly Sändare WFT07 2.4GHz 7-kan., inkl 7-kan. mottagare11195kr
SkyRC e680 Laddare LiPo/LiFe/LiHV, NiMH 80W 230VAC1549kr
Laddpåse RCFlight169kr

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