Multiplex Acromaster Pro RR Vit

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Levereras med bra elektronik och vass motor
4 st Hitec-servon förmonterade

Spännvidd: 1100 mm
Längd: 1100 mm
Vikt: 1300 g.

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The AcroMaster PRO is presented the logical development of our 2006 popular Acromasters. It was important for us to develop, to improve the model but not to fundamentally change. So the appearance of the AcroMaster PROs is familiar at first glance, but still completely new and fresh.

The improvements at a glance:
- New engine support and a more stable force into
the hull
- New chassis made of anodized aluminum, new undercarriage support, new cycling shoes with larger wheels
- New battery attached with Velcro straps
- New wing locking
- Servos & Cables now internally
- Very powerful and efficient ROXXY motor and controller
- Hitec HS-82MG servos for elevator and rudder (metal gear)
- Hitec HS-65HB servos for the ailerons (Carbonite gearbox)
- New chic decals in two colors available (not included with the RR model)
- Canopy pre-painted
- Wingstabi-area integrated into the hull

With all these changes in the AcroMaster PRO is better positioned than ever before -and offers due to its forgiving flight characteristics and its versatility in aerobatics the ideal basis for relaxed flying and training of aerobatic maneuvers. The AcroMaster PRO is designed like its predecessor as an allrounder. This means that you can also 3D can fly it both precise and classic aerobatics when. The AcroMaster PRO is fully gas tight, even XA Figures (Xtreme Aerobatic figures) with start-up are not a problem. To learn aerobatics and as a training machine for ambitious aerobatic pilots AcroMaster PRO is just perfect!

- ELAPOR® model almost ready built, undecorated
- Drive motor ROXXY C35-48-990kv
- ESC ROXXY BL-Control 755 S-BEC
- Propeller 12x6
- 2x Servos HS-82MG
- 2x Servo HS-65HB and guidance

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