CAM FOLDING PROP 25x16 cm 10x6 Zoll

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New blade sizes to expand the popular CAM FOLDING PROP series of folding propellers with a blade root width of 6 mm. These folding propellers have been designed specifically for HPD external rotor drives with a shaft diameter of 3.17 mm. To ensure optimum cooling for heavy-duty drives, the folding propellers are equipped with the TURBO SPINNER (order no. 1300.393) as standard. Both the TURBO SPINNER and the propeller blades which can be purchased separately are compatible with the CAM FOLDING PROP series with a spinner diameter of 39 mm and a blade root width of 6 mm which has been available for 25 years.

Wide blade root [mm]: 6 mm
Diameter / Pitch [cm]: 25/16 cm
For motor shaft diameter: 3,17 mm
Diameter / Pitch [inch]: 10 x 6 "
Colour : black
Sort: Folding Props
Rotating direction: R
Piece / Pack: 1
Diameter / bore [mm]: 2,1 mm
Bore [mm]: 2,1 mm

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