OS MAX-37SZ-H Ring 6.07cc 2-Takts Heli Motor

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O.S. MAX-37SZ-H Ring 6.07cc Heli Engine

The need for power is highest in 30 class small helicopters where enthusiasts want a small, high-power engine. Now, O.S. offers you the 37SZ-H - a new, compact engine in the SZ series designed especially for helicopters. The 37SZ-H engine is fully compatible both with regard to mounting holes and muffler position to the popular O.S.32SX-H and can therefore be mounted in any of the existing 30 class helicopters. To achieve the low vibration required for a helicopter engine, a good balance has been struck between both the higher r.p.m. for aerobatics and lower revs for stable hovering which results in smooth power across the entire r.p.m. range. Thanks to a specially designed 20M carburetor, this power can be obtained right from idle, through hovering or during stunning 3-D flights. The 37SZ-H almost exceeds the limits of a 30 class helicopter.

  • Displacement: 6.07cc
  • Bore: 20.5mm
  • Stroke: 18.4mm
  • Output: 1.42hp @ 18.000RPM
  • Practical RPM Range: 2.000-21.000
  • Weight: 293g

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