SpeedyBee Adapter 3

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Configure your BLHeli_S ESCs
wherever you want
Why stop at flight controller? Change your BLHeli_S ESCs
setting or update the firmware anytime, anywhere. Broken
motor? Solder it up, take your smartphone out, and configure
your motor direction wirelessly with the latest SpeedyBee app
- now supporting BLHeli_32 and BLHeli_S ESCs.

Forgot your LiPo checker?
Worry not
Connect your 1S - 6S LiPo and the display will
immediately show your battery voltage and the
remaining power with a specific colour code*.
The built-in beeper will alert you if the remaining
power is less than 40% to help extend your
battery lifespan.
*GREEN(>80%), WHITE(40-80%) and RED(<40%).

MicroUSB or Type C?
Why not both?
SpeedyBee Adapter 3 comes with a dual-head data cable,
with MicroUSB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Type C connector
on each end. No more worries about connector
compatibility regardless of what flight controller
you are using in your build.

And all you need
is just one LiPo

Access the configurator function using any LiPo
batteries available to you. Supports all 1S - 6S LiPo
with PH2.0 or XT60 connectors. Plug in that
beefy 6S 1500mah, or that tiny 1S Whoop battery
(minimum voltage 3.8V), to the
SpeedyBee Adapter 3
you are ready to
access the

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