Dreadnought FPV Freestyle Frame Kit
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The Menace DREADNOUGHT has been in development and testing during the 2019 season, design emhpasis has been on strength, balance, centre of gravity and most of all enjoyment to fly.

This design came about when MikeyDread who loved the Menace Slam frame requested to take the slam and turn it into the perfect FPV frame for freestyle flying. The slam was a great frame and nicely balanced, however it was designed for older cameras and traditional battery mounting. Mikey took the slam and inspiration from the FiziX race frame along with feedback from Menace pilots to develop the DREADNOUGHT.

The design employs true X configuration with a unique interlocking arm configuration for maximum strength and agile precise shredding.

In order to achieve that ultimate COG and balance the DREADNOUGHT employs the toilet tank battery mount configuration, but if you want you can still mount in the traditional way for build flexibility.

The DREADNOUGHT also has a carbon fibre camera mount with support bar to keep that all important FPV camera locked dead ahead and securely tucked away.


•   Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe

•   2mm thick body parts

•   5mm thick interlocking arms, easy swap out.

•   Designed to take the Micro FPV cams 19mm width.

•   20mm and 36mm FC / Stack mounting

•   Tough Lightweight Aluminum air frame stand offs

•   Stainless steel fixing screws

•   22xx 23xx series mounting holes.

•   Toilet Tank and traditional mount battery configurations.

•   Minimum cuts and holes in frame to maintain strength

•   Counter Sunk Screws on top plate avoid damage to battery.

•   Captive insert nuts for ease of build

•   Weight 119.9g with all the fixing hardware


3D Parts on Thingiverse

Dreadnought Gopro Mount, Session Mount and Thrasher Antenna Mount by Mikey34

Package Contents:

•   1x Dreadnought Frame Body Kit

•   4x Dreadnought Arms

•   1x Set of fixing Hardware and Standoffs

•   2x Camera Mounting Washers

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