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Mateksys EXPRESSLRS PWM Mottagare R24-P6.

ESP8285, SX1281
Antenna connector: IPEX MHF 1
6x PWM outputs
Support 2-8S VBat voltage sense
RF Frequency: 2.4GHz (2400-2480MHz)
Telemetry power: 12dbm
Receiver output protocol: PWM
Input voltage: 4-9V DC at "+" pad
Voltage sense: 34V Max. at "VBat" pad
Power dissipation:  45mA(binding), 85mA(wifi mode)
PCB size: 20mm x 18mm
Weight: 2g w/ antenna

1x ELRS-R24-P6
1x IPEX MHF1 Antennas. 15cm
Dupont 2.54 pins  (Board is shipped unsoldered)

ExpressLRS 3.0 or newer,   DIY 2.4 GHz / DIY 2400 RX PWMP EX
ExpressLRS wiki for PWM receiver, Click HERE
Make sure Receiver and TX module both are running ExpressLRS 3.0 or newer
Receiver has ExpressLRS 3.0 preloaded with binding phrase "123456",  the Receiver will never enter binding mode if using the traditional binding procedure.
You need to reflash it with your binding phrase OR go into WebUI to set your binding phrase.

Flashing via Wifi:
Disconnect ESC and servos from receiver first.
Power on receiver by 5V source. Receiver’s LED(Red) will blink slow at first, and after 20s, it should blink fast indicating it’s on Wifi Hotspot Mode.
More detailed steps,  pls refer this page.
Target: DIY 2.4 GHz / DIY 2400 RX PWMP EX

Flashing via UART:
Disconnect ESC and servos from receiver first.
Wire the receiver into the USB-TTL adapter, with TX on receiver connected to the Rx on the USB-TTL, and RX on receiver connected to the Tx of the USB-TTL. Wire 5V and GND of the USB-TTL to 5V and GND of the Receiver.
Press the boot button while powering on the receiver, then release – the Red LED on receiver should now be solid.
Select the target DIY 2.4 GHz / DIY 2400 RX PWMP EX  and  “UART” for Flashing Method,  set your bind phrase and Firmware Options and once done, click on Build and Flash.

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