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For the start of the new indoor season, we have created a limited edition of our indoor special - Super Extra

This Super Extra is our most revolutionary model so far. Designed by Jan Votava and Jan Sedlacek in close cooperation, the focus was both on flight characteristics and structural rigidity. The airframe is both strong and precise, to withstand these violent manoeuvres this plane is capable of.

Monster ailerons, reinforced for torsion rigidity, allow for unprecedented roll rate. Full flying stab, not often seen in this indoor category, allows for extreme tight "around the CG" loops - or should we rather say flips? All the above makes this plane unique and we dare say one of the most attractive ones we made so far.

With limited control throws, to ca 30 degrees according to pilot skills, the plane is still well behaved and predictable.

Key Features:
Wingspan: 865mm
Lenght: 930mm
AUW: 165-185g
2204-2206 2300kv motor
1x 14g 2x 8-10g servos
2s 300-450mAh battery

Rekommenderad setup:

HobbyWing Flyfun v5 20 A BEC1249kr
T-Motor AS2304 2300KV1269kr
GWS DD 8040118kr
EMax ES08A 8.5 g 1.5 Kg299kr
EMax ES09A 11.6 g, 2.4 Kg1129kr
XT30 Hane med 10 cm kabel122kr
Tattu 300 mAh 2S 75C 7.6V Lipo1119kr
Tattu 450 mAh 2S 75-150 C LiPo1125kr
PT CF Prop Indoor 8040i 1 st/fpk1259kr
Adapterkabel JST-PH2.0 till JST (röd)135kr

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