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Termik PRO is our first exclusively thermal glider, capable of air towing, slope soaring or bungee/fishing line start. Great and predictable flying qualities. The plane is covered in 38 micron laminating film, which gives it better performance than what you see in "raw foam" models.

- For air towing, e.g. via our Air Truck, you have an integrated tow release system.
- For bungee start, the model features a tow hook.

The canopy is removable, held with in place with a plastic hook and a magnet. Inside there is enough space for all the RC equipment. The fuselage is pre-built from the factory.

Termik PRO is controlled via ailerons, rudder and elevator. If you prefer rudder only, choose the Termik.

Key Features:
wingspan: 1440mm
length: 960mm
AUW: 400-450g

Package Includes:
Kit without equipment

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Förlängningskabel 10 cm JR, 26 AWG215kr
Tattu 650 mAh 2S 75-150C Lipo1129kr
XT30 Hane med 10 cm kabel122kr
HobbyWing UBEC 3 A (5 A burst)1139kr

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