WFly WFR06S 2.4 GHz 6-kanals mottagare

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6-kanals mottagare till WFly 2.4 GHz sändare.

OBS! Passar endast WFly WFT07! (EJ ET-Serien. ET06)

Känslighet: -97 dBm
Modulation: PPM/PCMS 1024, PCMS 4096.
Volt in: 4.8 - 6 Volt.
Dimension: 44.8 x 27.9 x 16.4 mm
Vikt: 14.8 gram.
Räckvidd: Full
Övrigt: DSSS frekvens hoppande teknologi.Fail Safe, quick recover signal.

1. WFLY 2.4GHz system uses the DSSS frequency-hopping technology . DSSS is direct sequence spread spectrum which is one of the most strongest anti-interference ability in the modern digital communications.
2.The DSSS application in the WFLY 2.4GHz systems is also designed the hopping function .The current system is can hopping in three channels , the width of each channel is 1Mhz. Once a channel is interference, will communicate in another channel. Improve the Interference and the reliability .
3. Each device has a separate identification code, will improved the anti-interference when more than one device work together.
4.Automatic channel scan. Each WFLY 2.4GHz transmission equipment automatically scan the available channels, to ensure the equipment can more reliable work.
5.Communications data cheakout are according to the identification code for CRC to ensure that a large number of 2.4GHz devices will not interfere with each other while working to enhance immunity and reliability.
6. Selected high-tech electronics optimized design are provided a powerful guarantee to the reliability and robustness of the equipment .
7. WFLY uphold the traditional software development with high reliability to ensure that each WFLY 2.4GHz equipment is reliable and stronger anti-interference ability.

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