PET Wrap Sleeving Diam. 9 mm, 1 m/fpk

35 kr

                Köp antal

I lager : 103 st.

Wrap sleeving.

Snyggt omslag till kabelhärvan.
Gjord i vävd PET plast. Självförslutande.
Diam: 9 mm.
Längd: 1 m.
Tål temp. : -50 till +150 grader C.

VCW Velcro braided wrap can help to create a tidy and well- regulated environment.
It can be easily wrapped and closed over the cables.
It can be re-opened rapidly to manage cables to be added or removed, and breakouts
can be made simply by bringing cables out through Velcro.
Open weave design easily conforms to many irregular shapes.

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