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 TAROT mini applicable across other sections 250/300 machines, optional English interface, you can set the parameters directly on the screen. Standard chip barometer and GPS module, so the height and position parameters more accurately. TAROT Mini 250/300 machine has been set aside through video overlay system installation holes, use more convenient.

OSD video overlay system has the following features: battery voltage / flight / flight speed / altitude / home direction / distance from home / cumulative voyage / Lift Rate / longitude latitude / number of satellites / azimuth functions.

OSD video overlay system button functions
1: After the start, short press to save the home position, long press to enter the setup menu. Double-click twice as fast switching video formats (can also be switched in the Settings menu)
2: Press the Setup menu for the selection function, press for the preservation or confirmation.
Battery voltage calibration:
3: first with a multimeter measure the authenticity of the battery voltage, battery voltage into the calibration set it to the measured voltage exit. Calibration voltage only with 3S calibration.

Product parameters:
English interface
Dual voltage detection range: 0 - 16.8V / 0 - 30V
Video output: NTSC or PAL (OSD can be set)
Operating voltage: 7 - 16.8V
Current: 100 mA (12V)
OSD module: 46 × 26 × 8 ??
Weight: 20 g (with GPS module)
Product Specifications:
OSD video overlay system × 1
GPS × 1
Manual × 1

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