Multiplex Parkmaster PRO Kit

1195 kr

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MPX Parkmaster PRO Kit.

Vingspann: 975 mm.
Längd: 1030 mm.
Flygvikt: 500 - 550 g.
Funktioner: Höjd, sida, skev och gas. ( 4 servon/5 kanaler)

The MULTIPLEX ParkMaster PRO is the true champion, capable of the most extreme aerobatics.The use of square-section carbon fibre spars produces an unbeatably rigid fuselage, wing and tailplane. The undercarriage is also reinforced with carbon fibre.
The re-designed motor mount is suitable for even more powerful motors, and is a real eye-catcher with the optional carbon motor bulkhead.
You can really wring out the ParkMaster PRO in very confined spaces. Even in moderate wind the model is easily capable of tumbles, torque-rolls and square loops.
The ParkMaster PRO is available as a kit or Kit+

- Carbon spars for maximum airframe rigidity through extreme aerobatic manoeuvres
- New reinforced motor mount support
- Extremely rugged carbon fibre undercarriage
- Docile, but fully 3-D capable
- Low minimum airspeed
- Pre-fabricated components moulded in ELAPOR®

Set contents, Kit:

ELAPOR® model kit with all moulded foam components, linkage hardware, motor bulkhead with reinforced motor bulkhead support, CFRP undercarriage legs with wheels, CFRP spars, plotted decal sheet and comprehensive instructions

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