Flite Test Mig3 1067 mm

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Soviet fighter aircraft designed by Nic Lechner

We are very pleased that you have chosen the FT MiG aircraft model for your next project.

Since the construction of the first FT fighter (the FT Spitfire), Flite Test has learned a lot about model aircraft construction. This passion has been fundamental for making great construction and flying experiences. With the passion described, Flite Test has developed the MiG-3. An airplane model that is easy to build and to fly, which gives you lots of fun.

We would like to thank our Flite Test team member Nic Lechner (AKA Nerd Nic) for his great project support. Nic was the first to create the MiG-3 airplane model from our Foam Board. His passion for speed and unique technology can be found in all his aircrafts.
The MiG-3 does not exceed the 120 mph (190km / h), but the model can be built in one evening with the well-known Flite Test technique. Flying with the MiG-3 is pure fun. The high speed does not affect the stable flight characteristics of the model. Advanced pilots will find a stable and quiet flight behavior, until the flow bite.

Flite test has incorporated some unique features into the model aircraft including a top removable hatch made from Foam Board instead of poster carton. The installation of the 2200mAh 3-cell flight battery is very simple, just pulling out the wooden rods and installing it in the Power Pod. The speed controller (ESC) is mounted from below, which ensures good cooling and easy access.

Flite test is really very grateful to all the incredible innovative pilots and designers who belong to the great Flite Test family. We want to use every opportunity to present these personalities.

If you would like to learn more about Nic Lechner's plane models and R/C models designs, you can visit his website, nerdnic.com.
Flite Test is very curious about the great experiences and moments that you will accumulate during the construction or when flying the MiG-3.


Stable and quiet flying characteristics
High speed
Removable top hatch
Designed by Nic Lechner

The set contains

1x FT MiG-3 Foam Kit
1x Velcro tape
4x Pushrods
4x wood sticks
1x Swappable Firewall
4x Rudder horns
2x wire for landing gear
1x cabin cover
1x Wing cover
1x Wood spar
2x Wood plates

Weight [g]: 544 g
Wingspan [mm]: 1067 mm
Brand: Flite Test
Version: Construction Kit
Assembly needed?: Yes
Material: FT WR Foam Board
Suitable for FT Power Pack: F, Mighty Mini

Rekommenderad Setup:

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EMax OneShot 30 A BEC1169kr
EMax ES08A 8.5 g 1.5 Kg459kr
GensAce 2200 mAh 3S 25-50 C LiPo1229kr
APC Thin Electric 9x6142kr
Förlängningskabel 20 cm JR420kr
Y-kabel 30 cm JR134kr

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